Is Your Application File Incomplete?

Ready to move your status from “Incomplete” to “Complete”?  Here’s how:

First-time freshmen must submit these items:

Transfer students must submit these items*:

Once we receive all of these items, we will place your file into review. Therefore we strongly suggest that you submit any optional items such as letters of recommendation and essays within two days of your application submission to ensure that they are processed and considered during review.

*Transfer students with less than 12 hours of transferrable credit earned after high school graduation must also submit official high school transcripts and ACT or SAT scores. (The test score requirement can be waived for individuals who completed high school, more than 5 years prior to their term of entry into Texas Tech.)

If you have met all of these requirements and your application file still says incomplete …

Please allow several days for your items to arrive at Texas Tech:

    Test scores and transcript files that are sent electronically to Texas Tech can take several days to download. All of our mail is sorted in a central mail facility, so items sent through U.S. Mail can also take several days to arrive in our office.

How we process your documents:

1) Once we receive items in our office, we will open them, stamp the date and place your student ID number on every one
2) We then scan every item and save it in your electronic file
3) Once the items are placed in your file, the data is entered into our student database. This data includes test scores, class rank, etc. All documents are worked in the order they are received

Note: Our peak season begins in October and continues through February. During this time we receive more than 6,000 items per week that we process into student files. Therefore, it can take us between one and three weeks to process documents and for you to see them as received on RaiderConnect.


Once all items are processed, your file is then complete. If you qualify as an assured admit, you will be admitted. If you do not, your file will go into review.

How the review process works:
Students are expected to be academically prepared to succeed; therefore, we consider academic performance, standardized test scores and educational preparation. Additional information used to evaluate a student’s potential for success includes:

  • High school coursework
  • Honors or advanced placement
  • Dual credit (on an official college transcript)
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Leadership experiences
  • Civic or other service activities
  • Socioeconomic background
  • Family educational background
  • Bilingual proficiency
  • Affiliation with Texas Tech
  • Special talents or awards
  • Diversity of experience

If you do not meet the assured admission requirements, we strongly encourage you to respond to essay topics A, B and/or C on the ApplyTexas application and submit up to three letters of recommendation.

Final High School Transcript

Raiderlink will show your final high school transcript as a required item, but this is not required for your admission. Your high school will submit the final transcript after you graduate. Please feel free to bring a copy of your final transcript to orientation.